The idea of the Bloody Roots project had already been born in 2008, but in this year Tamas Schmiedl (former of Bloody Roots, front man and main songwriter of Moby Dick) was working alone on the first songs, gathering his concepts. The idea was to create an old school trash metal album with fast, dynamic songs written and played by a wide range of guest artists and songwriters (so not within the traditional band).   

Smici: From the early beginning I was thinking of a project with many artists and not only in the phase of recording the album, but I also wanted to include friends and appreciated artists into creation work (phase). I seeked the emotion of experience working with a number of musicians which I experienced during the work of the Moby Dick tribute album in the previous years. I didn’t want to work either alone or only with a few band members. I didn’t have to think too much about who could be good enough for me, who I wanted to play music with, so I kept in touch with almost everyone till the end of 2008. Certainly I was aware of the fact that everyone has his own band and they have to find enough time – besides their bands - for the project, that was the reason I was planning to start the teamwork to spring, or to the beginning of summer 2009.

Bloody Roots

After choosing the project members, the plans and the concepts related to the project, it was clear that the preparation of the album could begin.
Hammer Records (the label of Smici’s original band Moby Dick), welcomed the ideas and assured the project about his supporting. The label of the production was decided the creative work became emphasized. It happened new moments soon after project became advantageous opportunity for live shows from the side of the production director Kristof Hartmann. Shortly after on 17 May it was decided, before recording of the Bloody Roots album, the band will play live first in Wigwam on 25 Sep 2009, among others in association of Kalapacs and Omen. The fact of the concert modified the scheduling of Bloody Roots project and it meant unexpected liabilities for the band because the members of a live appearance was unplanned and the finishing of the album with numbers of collaborators seemed to be an enormous task. Recruitment of the band didn’t go off without any problem, after the joining of Balazs Schmiedl lead guitarist and Tamas Horvath bassist the drummer was found only after some runaround, and that was Adam Tarcsai.

Bloody Roots

After two years of hard work and preparation in the beginning of Apr 2010 appeared at least “Isten kezében” (In God’s hands), the first album of Bloody Roots, released by Nail Records. After the album’s release the band went on tour.

Bloody Roots's second album, Az ígéretek földjén, released 2012 November 5.